Tech Tuesday: Apps to make summer travel easier




Posted on June 11, 2013 at 9:41 AM

Updated Tuesday, Jun 18 at 1:23 PM

Summer is here so let the road trips begin.

Over the years, the way we take and plan those journeys have changed and now technology can make the ride much smoother.

Here are some time and brain power saving apps:

1. iExit
- iExit will tell you what is happening at the next exit. The app gives you details on what you can find at upcoming exits, including gas stations, restaurants, hotels, hospitals and more as it detects your current location.

If you push the arrow button it will give you more access to information on that business.

Users can also give feedback for other travelers and can also browse exits by location or state. This allows travelers to map out the locations and best exits to get off while on the road.

iExit is a phone app, available on iTunes and also in the Android Google Play store. Cost is 99-cents.

2. SITorSQUAT - It is referred to as the latrine in the military and the SITorSQUAT app was created by a popular toilet paper brand. 

The handy app will help you find the nearest restroom while on the road. Charmin has data stored on about 100,000 restrooms across the country.
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The system will detect where you are currently located.

Users can type in the name or address of the destination. Users will see red, green or grey toilet rolls pop up on the screen to show places to stop. 

Sitorsquat is free on iTunes or Google play for Androids.

3. Trapster - Trapster is for those who have a lead foot.

GMT does not suggest this app so drivers can go speed through North Texas.

This app is fan based. Drivers can report a speed trap and other surrounding drivers will get an alert. So it's like a radar detector. 

The app will show you speed traps, speed road hazards and real traffic problems. Trapster will find your location on the map and tell you where to avoid problems and slow it down.

Trapster is free and can be found in iTunes, Google, shops.  Blackberry also carries this app.