Disney Cruise Line is heading to Texas




Posted on September 13, 2012 at 9:00 AM

Updated Saturday, Sep 15 at 2:42 AM

Imagine taking a child on a vacation of a lifetime featuring Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and the rest of the Disney gang?

Well it will become possible in a few short weeks right here in Texas. Disney cruise line will set sell out of Galveston at the end of September.

The adventures begins the minute you step foot on a Disney cruise line ship. For children, it’s magical with Disney characters everywhere the eye can focus on.

This is the place where dreams come true, starting with your hotel cabin room and the work of this man the Hotel Director for Disney Magic.

“I’m in charge of hotel operation which includes about 650 crew members, about 8 different departments,” said Thomas Praxmarer, Disney Magic’s hotel Director. “It goes from the spa on deck nine to deck 10 and Palos. Food Beverage areas and house keeping.”

He makes sure nearly 3,000 guests experience a unique way of dining and cruising.

“It’s unparallel in the cruise industry and we have had it for the last 14 years. We have three different dining rooms. Three different themes. All offer different food concepts all of different dinner venues. We rotate our guest through different dining rooms on a daily bases.”

Guest can stop by Animator’s Palace that appears to be filled with just black and white Disney characters, sketched on the walls.

“It’s black and white during the course of the meal, the dining room changes completely in color. It becomes all lite up and colorful. On deck three we have parrot Key which is kind of a Caribbean Island concept. Then we have Luminaries which is our signature restaurant. The theme is Beauty and the Beast.”

And the crew is there to make the cruise a unique experience for children as young as three months old. But once they reach three years old, they can head over to the Oceaneer Club, where there are computers, games, a reading area, televisions and a stage so a child can be a star.

But here’s the big draw, the lab where the cast member known as the “crazy professor” teaches while having fun.

”Before we make the Flubber, we’re going to show you how fun and messy science can get, so be careful,” said the Crazy Scientist.

“What is Flubber? Flubber is the gooey stuff that comes out, like boogers.”

Disney has not forgotten the tweens and teens.

“First of all we’ve got Edge, which is for out 11 to 14-years-old and we have Vibe for our 14 to 17 year olds,” said Darren McBurney, Disney Magic’s cruise director. 

Entertainment is a big deal on Disney, including Disney shows for the young and the old.

“They are completely for Disney cruise ship,” said Eddie Haggerty, Walt Disney Theatre. “Our shows are built for a family. Our shows take about two years to put together. Our shows are comparable to any Broadway show, some more advanced than your Broadway theaters.”

The cast members in the productions try out to join the crew. It is not an easy audition, but one Arlington, Texas native Matt McMahan, was able to dance, sing and act his way onto the stage.

“I was up on New York and I auditioned there…where I’ve been for two years,” said McMahan.

The theater is for the whole family, but Disney realizes moms and dads need a break too.
“We have exclusive adult entertainment areas and entertainment for them,” said Carly Scott, Disney Magic, assistant cruise director. “We have separate variety acts…with Disney reason. Exclusive theme night, game shows, trivia all day.”

Disney offers three clubs for those 18 and older after 9 p.m. There is a dance club, a piano bar and a sports bar. Of course there is a place where couples can share a delicious, romantic meal away from the children at Palo’s restaurant. Or perhaps a bit of relaxation at Cove Pool or Vista Spa, which has a work out facility and of like the name indicates a spa.

So there is something for the adults and plenty for the children, so everyone can enjoy a Disney Cruise.

The first Disney cruise sets sail at the end of this month, September 22 on a 7-night Caribbean cruise that includes stops in the Caymans and Cozumel.