More adults are learning to swim in Dallas




Posted on July 2, 2012 at 1:06 PM

Updated Monday, Jul 2 at 1:56 PM

Bachman Indoor Pool

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DALLAS -- Taking a dip in the pool is a perfect sport for summer: Learning to swim is usually seen as great summer fun, but for adults who can't swim, it can be downright scary.

Pools across the state are open and teaching adults how to conquer their fear of the water.

Learning to swim is a useful life skill that some adults do not posses. Statistics show nearly half of American adults can't swim in deep-water pools. Adults make up nearly 70 percent of all drowning in the United States according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Fear is normally a big reason for not learning.

“A lot of it is the unknown of the water,” said Cindy Anderson, Bachman Indoor Pools.”They didn’t learn as children so as you get older, your fear of the water is higher. They are afraid of going under and not coming back up.”
She says adults will pay for swim lessons for their children, but they will not take on the challenge of learning to jump into the deep end.

It is a gentle cycle to get fearful adults into a pool with water up to their waist, according to Anderson. She says it starts with reminding beginner swimmers, especially adults that they are in shallow water.

It can be a challenge to help some adults put their faces in the water, but it is overcome by working slowly and building up courage. She says instructors work with adults until their comfort level is up to not only put their face into the water, but to learn how to float.

“Just like with children, if you can learn to float on your back, you will always be safe in the water,” Anderson said.

There is no time line as to how long it takes someone to learn to swim.

“We all learn at different levels,” Anderson said.

It’s never too late to learn to swim. The demand is up at Dallas pool with adults wanting to learn to swim. Dallas Aquatics offers courses at all12 community pools that offer swim lessons. One session is eight lessons at a cost of $30.

“You start to get it,” Anderson said. “You take another or two to get your strokes down. After the first session, they definitely feel comfortable in the water.”

So far this summer, Anderson said more than 50 people have called about taking lessons and the numbers are rising in the number of adults willing to take the plunge.

Bachman Indoor Pools and Dallas Aquatics started a new session on Monday. Contact Dallas Aquatics or Bachman Indoor Pool for more information.