Wednesday's Child: Wesley, CPS vet searching for forever home




Posted on June 26, 2013 at 2:15 PM

Updated Wednesday, Jun 26 at 3:08 PM

14-year-old Wesley has been in the CPS System since he was 4.

"It's really hard to stay in one place until you get adopted which pushes it back further and further," he said.

Wesley marked his 10 year anniversay in Child Protective Services just a few months ago. When asked how that makes him feel, he answered honestly.

"Sad. I actually want to be in a forever home for really a long time,” he said. 

During his outing at Celebration Station in Mesquite, Wesley said he's grateful for his caseworker who's been like a mother to him.

"She's a loving, caring wonderful person,” he said. “She has treated me with a lot of heart"

Cecilia Powers’ eyes welled up at what Wesley had to say about her.

"He's been here for 10 years and it was my goal to find him a family by the 10 year mark and I'm a few months late, but I'm not giving up," she said.

Wesley is resilient. When you meet him, it's hard for him not to steal your heart. He is respectful, playful and fun.

"I love Wesley. I've traveled all over the state with him. I've been his caseworker for five years. There's no way that I would ever let any other case worker have him,” he said.

Wesley needs an experienced family who will provide structure in his life. He does not mind if it is a single parent or two parent household with children. But there is one thing he is adamant about.

"He wants someone that's going to love him. He also told me before that he knows that they can get money for adopting him and he does not want them in it for the money. He wants them to adopt them because they love him,” Powers said.

Wesley has taught Cecilia a lesson about strength. Now her hope is that he can share that love with his forever family, and not just his caseworker.