Irving firefighters help West widow finish remodel



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Posted on April 9, 2014 at 10:53 PM

EMMETT, Texas — Perry Calvin was among the first responders who died almost a year ago when the fertilizer plant in West, Texas exploded.

The volunteer firefighter with the Navarro Mills department was in West taking classes as he worked toward becoming a professional firefighter. When Calvin heard the alarm, he and others rushed to help.

A year later, firefighters Perry Calvin never met are taking two days to help his family.

"I don't like to ask for help. Perry and I did everything, you know, on our own, as much as we could," said Perry's widow, Becky Calvin, from their family home in Emmett.

Perry Calvin loved that country home as much as he loved fighting fires. When her husband died, he was halfway through massive remodel of their house.

It was a job that hadn't been touched... until Wednesday morning.

Becky Calvin didn't ask for help;  the Irving Fire Department asked her if they could finish the job.

"You can see we had a lot of people step up when that need was made known," said Irving firefighter Les Pratt. 

He said his department heard of the unfinished remodel through a mutual acquaintance. Pratt and about a dozen other firefighters scheduled time to finish the job.

"I'm super proud to stand next to every one of these folks that are here," Pratt said.

Over the next two days, crews will do everything from yard work to installing a carport from the ground up.

"He'd be happy about it, that they're out here helping me," Becky Calvin said.