Colleyville woman accused of $6,000 prank


WFAA and the Associated Press

Posted on September 19, 2012 at 4:14 AM

Updated Wednesday, Sep 19 at 9:19 AM

COLLEYVILLE (WFAA/AP) - A North Texas woman has been charged in an alleged neighborhood prank using raw chicken, mustard and peanut butter to cause $6,000 in damage.

Tara Mauney, of Colleyville, has been charged with felony criminal mischief in the July incident. She's free on $7,500 bond.

The 41-year-old woman allegedly helped several middle school students buy toilet paper to litter a residence where some girls were having a sleepover. Mustard and peanut butter were smeared or used to write graffiti. Chicken was left in a mailbox.

Mauney allegedly posed for a photo with some youngsters at a store where police believe the purchases were made.

Police say no children have been charged but two boys have acknowledged taking part in the vandalism.

According to a Tarrant County arrest affidavit, a homeowner in the 4600 block of Alexandra Drive in Colleyville called police to report the offense on July 25.

The officer found two raw chicken halfs in the mailbox; a toilet in the driveway near the front door with the words "suck it" written in Sharpie; more Sharpie writing on the home's "exterior, light colored stucco walls" of phrases like "whore house," "suck it" and "sluts." 

The latter word was also written in mustard on the driveway and was dry by the time the officer arrived on scene. Peanut butter was smeared on pillars near the driveway. Tampons and sanitary napkins doused in ketchup were left in the driveway and front yard. 

Some of those were found stuck on the home's front windows.

When the officer questioned the homeowner, she said she allowed several Colleyville Middle School girls to stay the night with her daughter. 

The girls were swimming in the backyard at 2 a.m. on July 25 when they noticed a male peeking over the back fence. The girls and the homeowner darted to the front yard to see if they could identify the person and noticed a group running away from the house.

As the girls chased the group, they noticed toilet paper in the trees and bushes. The affidavit says the group ended up at Mauney's home. One of the girls identified Mauney as being with the fleeing troublemakers.

The affidavit says Mauney stopped and asked the pursuing girls "if she could help us," a female witness said. She then said she told Mauney she could "clean up the mess you just made in the yard." The group then went back to their house. 

The affidavit says the mother of one of the juveniles was told Mauney took eight kids to a Walmart in Euless to buy all the materials. She even posed for a photo in the store with the three boys and five girls.

Security footage from the Walmart recorded Mauney buying three 36-roll packages of toilet paper before leaving the store.

The vandalism victim offered two estimates –– the first was $2,860 for repainting the areas damaged by the graffiti. The second estimate was for $5,885; the contractor said he didn't think it would be possible to paint over the graffiti without repainting the entire area.

Mauney declined comment Monday. Her attorney has disputed the allegations.