Gordon Keith: The Literary Lombardi



WFAA contributor

Posted on November 18, 2010 at 8:08 PM

Updated Friday, Nov 19 at 10:58 PM

There was no one happier than I was after that Cowboys victory on Sunday. (Well, I guess maybe interim head coach Jason Garrett might have been slightly happier.)

I don't know if you know this, but not only is Garrett the first red-headed head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, he's also the first Princeton-educated head coach in NFL history.

This dude is smart! He like knows books and stuff.

I first met Jason Garrett 16 years ago. We were doing a radio show together at the Hard Rock Cafe. As Jason and I waited in the oak-paneled green room before the show, we got to yakking about, of all things, literature.

We exchanged a detailed list of our favorite books and authors. He told me about Marcel Proust and I told him about Dr. Suess.

It was a lopsided conversation, but he promised to read "Yertle the Turtle" and get back to me. See, that kind of follow-through is what I like to see in a head coach.

This Thanksgiving will mark the 16th anniversary of Garrett taking over at quarterback for an injured Troy Aikman. That day, Garrett staged an amazing second-half comeback, beating the Packers 42-31.

Let's hope he can stage a second-half-of-the-season comeback for the Cowboys. We need it.

So join me in rooting for the "Ginger Genius." The "Literary Lombardi." The "Strawberry Hope."

Let's just hope he doesn't dumb down and turn into "Garrett Top."