Awkward kisses, big hands and mud wrestling: A recap of ‘Bachelorette' week 3

Hellooooo Bachelorette fans- welcome to week three of season 13.

Note: This post will contain spoiler alerts so if you've got Monday's episode on DVR for later this week, I suggest you stop reading right about now and revisit this post when you're done.

I know this isn't the typical 'A dude's recap' that you're used to, but I hope to deliver just the same in the absence of our resident expert.

Every Monday night, I live tweet The Bachelorette with all my Twitter friends and this week was no exception. It's safe to say there were a handful of eye rolling, cringe-worthy moments that had me questioning just why I even indulge in this show.

Save the drama for your mama

Lucas, or as the world now knows him, Waboom was sadly sent home *rolls eyes* and so was Blake. Hmm, guess that goes to show you should pay more attention to Rachel instead of trying to sabotage the other guys in the house. Rachel was not playing the 'he said this and he said that' game so she sent both guys home.

Blake was really upset. In fact, so upset, it seems Waboom rubbed off on him...


What's a show without Ellen?

It's true. Rachel took the guys to her show and in true Ellen fashion, things got a little interesting...but the audience members didn't seem to mind. Ellen told the boys she usually has shirtless male dancers interact with her audience memebers in true Magic Mike style on the show and without hesitation, the guys were easily coerced into living up to that standard.

'May I have this kiss'

Oh my...what can I say. Poor Fred. This was a rollercoaster of emotions for me and many others in the Twittersphere. If you don't remember Fred, he's the guy from Rachel's summer camp counselor days.

First, Fred asks if he can kiss Rachel. I'm pretty sure you're just supposed to go in for it...especially on this show. To which Rachel replies and clearly states that she's never been asked if she can be kissed before. Awkward turtle point number one. Then they kiss. Fred is ecstatic. 


But not so fast. Rachel picks up the rose, asks Fred to talk in private and then tells him she doesn't have feelings for him especially after that kiss. Awkward turtle point number two. Bye, bye Fred.

Nothing says romance like a good 'ol wrestle in the mud

Am I the only one who found this date disgusting? C'mon. Here we are talking about the appropriation of women in some of these 'reality shows' and now we're essentially talking about the same thing with the men. 

Rachel's girlfriends from season 12 make a guest appearance to help her scope out the dudes and see who's here for all the right...and wrong reasons. So, what better way to find out at a wrestling match in the mud?


The tease for week four includes someone telling Lee that he’s playing on a long standing history of the portrayal of black men as aggressive. Buckle up, folks it's going to be an interesting ride. See ya next week!

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