Witness describes chaotic scene at Fair Park 'rave'




Posted on June 20, 2011 at 9:59 PM

Updated Monday, Jun 20 at 11:16 PM

Tony Tran describes Saturday's Electric Daisy Carnival in one word: Craziness.

Tran, 24, arrived at Dallas Fair Park at 8:30 Saturday night. Things turned bad very quickly.

"You don't go to these events sober, most definitely," he said, adding that by 10 o'clock, concert-goers started succumbing to the heat.

Andrew Graf of Argyle, who also attended the EDC, died at Baylor University Medical Center. Dallas Fire-Rescue officials say the 19-year-old's death may have been drug-related.

"I know it was real dangerous," Tran said. "This kid collapsed. He was drenched in sweat. I saw him gasping for air."

By midnight, the situation worsened. Thirty people had been taken to five area hospitals.

Dallas city officials discussed shutting the event down early, but they feared civil unrest so they held off.

"It was just such chaos. There's just a big opportunity for more than one person to die next time," said Dallas Fire-Rescue spokesman Lt. Samuel Friar.

Dallas issued seven tickets to Insomniac Events, the Los Angeles-based company that threw the party. It was cited for overcrowding and obstructing justice.

"We've got to look at everything, and that includes whether they come back," said Dallas City Council member Delia Jasso.

Insomniac Events officials deny the charges and say they'll fight them.

Tran said he plans on attending the next scheduled rave put on by the same company, coming up this weekend in Las Vegas.

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