Wanted: Parking meter beautification specialists




Posted on June 25, 2014 at 7:13 PM

Updated Thursday, Jun 26 at 1:39 AM

DALLAS — Time is endless, yet we measure it... and usually find ourselves short of it.

Sometimes we buy time with a quarter at the meter.

Parking meters stand the test of time, but something needs them to stand OUT.

“Do you see any artwork within a couple inches of you?” I asked Rachel Duitch. She looked around and said, “I don’t think so, no.”

Jessica Trevizo said the purpose of a temporary art project called "One Meter at a Time" to give new life to these parking space sentinels by decorating them. Maybe they would be appreciated more if there weren’t so many of them, in rows, among a grid of streets.

CASTELLUCCI: “I’m guessing you don’t pay much attention to meters."

DUITCH: “No, they’re free during the day.”

Artists have until Friday to submit their ideas. "A lot of the proposals are painting, stencils, things like that,” Trevizo said. “It will add a little interest to something you don’t notice on a daily basis.”

For the creative interventions, Trivizo notes that you can’t cover the display (or the money slot).

In some cases, the meters have met the end of their time, being pulled from streets like weeds. For others, when you feed a meter, you may just feed your soul, too.

“I would like to make it a Dallas Mavericks theme," Duitch suggested.

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