8 questions with Anderson Cooper

8 questions with Anderson Cooper

Credit: WFAA.com

Anderson Cooper with WFAA.com editor/producer Marjorie Owens




Posted on November 11, 2011 at 3:47 PM

Updated Tuesday, Nov 15 at 9:42 AM

While visiting Dallas for a sit-down dinner with the Jansing family for his new talk show "Anderson," Anderson Cooper stopped by the WFAA studios Friday and answered eight questions for the WFAA.com team.

1.) Have you ever been to Texas? And what spots do you like to hit while here?

I have actually spent a lot of time in Texas - Dallas, Houston and Lufkin. As a kid, I always wanted to go to the Rattlesnake Round-up in Sweetwater, Texas, but I haven't had a chance yet. That is on my list.

2.) I saw a video in which you talked about your habit of eating one type of meal consistently for about one month at a time. What's on the menu this month?

I do have a food issue and I eat the same thing every day. I've been eating Boston Market turkey for about four-and-a-half months. I'm just about at the end of that. I get it with a side of corn, but when I am feeling down, I get a side of mashed potatoes. So, I don't know what's going to come next, maybe turkey burgers? The repetition thing I've learned, because we did it on the show, is sort of about comfort, stability and routine, because I don't have a lot of routine. At a certain point, I can't stand the thought of the smell or taste of it and then move on.

Do you ever go back?

Oh, I always go back. No, no, I get sick of it and I move onto something else. Then I go back because there are only about four of five foods rotating that I will eat on a regular basis.

3.) This is a two part question. I read that you moved to Vietnam and lived there for some time to learn the language. How was that? And since we know you get stuck on dishes for awhile, what was your favorite meal during your stay?

I lived there for about six months. When I first started, I wanted to try to become a reporter so I came up with this plan, made a fake press pass and I borrowed a camera and I started going to wars. I went to Burma and talked with some students about the Burmese government. I then enrolled in a language program at the University of Hanoi. So, it wasn't that I was dying to learn Vietnamese; it was more that I wanted to live in a place where there weren't many Americans. There were still tensions in these countries, and I thought it would be interesting and I could tell some stories.

Yes, in Vietnam I ate the same meal every day, three times a day, which was Pho Ga without the skin. It was Hanoi, so I had french bread, Pho Ga and a sticky rice.

4.) You have a great sense of humor. Who is your favorite comedian?

I love Jerry Seinfeld. He's a friend; he's been on the show. I watch Daniel Tosh. "Tosh.0." I think he's incredibly funny and so over the top; it's great. Kathy Griffin always makes me laugh.

5.) With all your travels, what's your favorite spot in the world.

I love New Orleans. There's a little bit of Port-au-Prince, the Congo, Paris. So neat.

6.) What are you reading or listening to right now?

I just finished a book called "Await Your Reply;" it was a really good read. I am now reading a book called, I don't know the right title, "The Zombie Wars?" Someone on my staff recommended it. I heard Brad Pitt is making it into a movie. [Editor's note: Maybe "World War Z"]  It's pretty good. It's an oral history of a zombie war. It's actually kind of interesting.

I read a lot of research for the shows, so I don't have a lot of down time to read. So, I try to read something that takes me out of everything I do.

The only time now I really listen to music is when I go running. So, it's more high energy stuff like Rhianna.

7.) Do you have any insider tips for those visiting New York?

I think New York has gotten a bad rap. I think it's actually one of the friendlier cities. I think biking around New York is a great way to see the city. I ride a bike all the time in New York. I think a lot of people think it's dangerous, and you do have to be a little careful, but to me, it's a great way to see the city and beat all the traffic and gets you there faster.

8.) Do you have a dream guest for your talk show?

Not really. Everyone always seem to think there is some big celebrity one wants, and there is obviously folks I would want to have, but for me it's talking to real people. It's what I really like.