Larry Hagman's hometown moves foward with plans for memorial




Posted on December 11, 2012 at 11:27 PM

WEATHERFORD -- The Weatherford City Council approved exploring ways to honor the late Larry Hagman in his hometown Tuesday night.

The decision came after a group of citizens led by Hagman’s long-time friend Sherry Watters took their plans to remember the television icon to city hall.

“He was raised here and graduated high school from here," Watters said. "He came to every event here that he could."

Hagman never forgot Weatherford. He supported the city throughout his career. He helped open the city’s cancer treatment center and donated several of his mother’s (stage legend Mary Martin's) belongings to the Doss Heritage and Culture Center when she died. The museum also has an exhibit dedicated to Hagman.

But for Watters, that’s not enough.

Her committee wants a street named after Hagman, a statue, and a city welcoming sign in his honor. They are pushing for The Doss Heritage and Culture Center to be the site for the memorial.

“There's so much heritage in town, and we need to keep that alive,” Watters said.

The city council’s decision to move forward with plans to celebrate Hagman's life and legacy delighted Watters. Her committee and city staff will meet in the next few months to discuss ideas.

“It's important because he is one of our boys," she said. "He's from Weatherford and we are proud to have him from here. He was proud of Weatherford.”

The Doss Heritage and Culture Center will collect donations for the memorial.