After Hagman's death, J.R. still lives on in second season of 'Dallas'




Posted on November 26, 2012 at 7:04 PM

Updated Tuesday, Nov 27 at 12:13 AM

DALLAS -- Local filming for the TV show "Dallas" was suspended Monday following the death last Friday of actor Larry Hagman, who played the iconic J.R. Ewing on the series.

But the Dallas Film Commission said production will resume Tuesday, and the show is expected to keep pushing strongly into its second season. And fans haven't seen the last of J.R.

In the latest "Dallas" on TNT, as in the original, Hagman as the conniving J.R. Ewing loomed large. But those knowledgeable of the plan of the new "Dallas" say the intent has always been to nurture interest in the younger characters.

So even with Hagman's death, Director of the Dallas Film Commission Janis Burkland said the show's in a good position.

"It's doing very, very well in its time slot and while Larry and the show are both icons, it's show biz -- the show does go on," Burkland said.

The City of Dallas certainly hopes so.

Through a grant approved in June, the city council is giving show producer Horizon Scripted Television $200,000 a year for six years to film in North Texas. The city said the jobs created and worldwide publicity are worth it.

As fans, fellow actors, and crew mourn the passing of Hagman, his infamous character lives on into the second season. Sources close to the production tell WFAA that Hagman completed a number of the 15 episodes, and that J.R. will appear well into the second season, starting January 28.

These sources add that writers and producers will now work on a way to give J.R. the ending the legendary character deserves.

"I have no doubt that they'll find a proper way to send off Larry in style - or J.R. - so something proper and fitting I'm sure they'll come up with," Burkland said. "The script writers and producers have been just excellent."

But the question that now echoes, "Who shot J.R.?" perhaps should be, "How will he end?"