8 questions with Dallas Observer's new music editor

8 questions with Dallas Observer's new music editor

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Audra Schroeder




Posted on December 30, 2011 at 1:09 PM

Updated Tuesday, Nov 12 at 3:08 AM

It's soon to be the start of a new year, and 2012 looks to be a good one for local music coverage with a fresh face on the scene at the Dallas Observer. We decided to introduce North Texas to the new music editor, Audra Schroeder, with eight questions.

1.) How did you hear about the Dallas Observer music editor job opening and what made you decide to apply for the position?

It was one of those right place, right time scenarios. I'd been writing and editing at the Austin Chronicle for the past five years, took some time off this summer, then decided to get back in the van in Dallas.

2.) What local bands were you a fan of prior to moving out here?

Marked Men, Mind Spiders, Bad Sports, Diamond Age, New Fumes, True Widow, Sarah Jaffe

3.) Are there any local bands you have heard about via word of mouth and look forward to seeing?

Really enjoyed the new Soviet album. Digging Analog Rebellion. I need to see Vulgar Fashion, Peopleodian and at least a half dozen other bands in Denton.

4.) What’s your plan of action for covering music out here?

To seek out the emerging artists and report on popular culture in equal measure. I've always been drawn to the subculture, the fringe. "Scene" is an easy word to throw around, but it's beginning to feel redundant. I see music more as a community that needs building and support, just like neighborhoods and local businesses do.

5.) What’s your guilty pleasure music?

That Adele album, "21," did a number on me this year, especially “Someone Like You.” I feel like Adele has seen the Renaissance, World War II and the construction of the pyramids.

6.) Veering away from music, hit any good food spots locally yet?

Cane Rosso was pretty great.

7.) As a reporter and now editor, what’s been one of your craziest experiences while out covering music?

Most recently, I got a full-foot rubdown from the blind singer of Foot Patrol, an Austin band whose songs are all foot-themed. Getting to meet Michael Gira of Swans while two-stepping at the Broken Spoke in Austin.

8.) Lastly, what would you like North Texas to know about yourself?

I'm a Taurus, love long walks to the end of the bar and I really want to check out your band. Really.


What were your top five albums of 2011? 

Tune-yards, "Whokill;" Unknown Mortal Orchestra, self-titled; Ty Segall, "Goodbye Bread;" Wild Flag, self-titled; EMA, "Past-Life Martyred Saints."

Do you have any music blogs you would suggest to check out?

Altered Zones, though not for long; Mutant Sounds, Fluxblog and Big Ghost Chronicles, if you're in the right state of mind.

What’s your go-to-music for when you’re gloomy?

Alice Coltrane's Journey in Satchidananda is always pretty revelatory.

What’s your go-to-music for road trips?

WFMU's Best Show will keep me going for at least 18 hours.

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