31 North Texas hauntings

31 days of North Texas hauntings

Halloween is nearing! As the day of trick-or-treating approaches, we're sharing ghost tales, local events and recipes. Follow this story as we add treats:


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  • GOATMAN'S BRIDGE (Denton County)

Old Alton Bridge, a registered historic landmark in Denton County, was once the main path of transportation between residents of Denton and Copper Canyon.

In the late 1800s, a successful black goat farmer named Oscar Washburn moved to the area with his family. Locals lovingly nicknamed him "Goatman" and he added a sign to the bridge reading "this way to the Goatman's."

This angered local Klansman, who kidnapped Washburn and lynched him over the side of the bridge in 1938. But when they looked down, his body was mysteriously gone. The Klansman panicked and returned to town, killing Washburn's entire family.

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Ever since then, strange things have been taking place at "Goatman's Bridge." People have disappeared, cars have been found abandoned, and strange noises have been heard coming from the woods. Urban legend describes some as seeing Goatman at the end of the bridge, appearing as half-goat, half-man.

One explorer even posted proof of spirits to YouTube:

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The grave of the Smiley family -- a father, mother and three daughters -- is located in the Mills Cemetery in Garland. According to lore, the spirit of Mr. Smiley will give you a fright at the stroke of midnight.

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Deep Ellum became a residential and business neighborhood in the late 1800s, soon becoming a hot spot for live blues and jazz music. Rumors of hauntings surround the old Dallas Comedy House space on Commerce Street, but perhaps the most haunted is Sons of Hermann Hall.

The Texas Historic Landmark opened in 1911 and became a public venue for live music in the 1980s. Visitors and employees have witnessed doors opening and closing by themselves. They've also heard the sounds of children playing, and some have reported seeing ghostly visions.

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Those who have driven down the winding road of Coombs Creek Drive say a ghost of a young girl haunts the street near a trestle. There are two different stories of how the young girl died. According to one tale, the girl was struck by a train as she rode her bike. Others say she fell from her bike and drowned. But in both versions, there's one way you'll know she's near:

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The famous park north of White Rock Lake is a notorious hangout spot at night. Drivers have reported mysterious rocks being thrown at their cars, and there's a rumor that police officers don't like to be at the park past dark.

Just across the field is a neighborhood where several murders took place on the same street. And a little down the road, closer to the lake, is where the "Lady of the Lake" asks for a ride to a home on Gaston Avenue, only to disappear from your vehicle. 

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Once a gathering area for Indians, Heritage Village in Dallas has been known for some ghostly sightings. 

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Several cemeteries dating back to the 1800s can be found within downtown Dallas and the Uptown area. Previous mayors of Dallas and families who founded the city are buried in Pioneer Park Cemetery, located right outside the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center. Many of the bodies and markers had to be moved when the center was expanded.

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