Wednesday's Child: Zachary, Martin, Stephen & Sammie




Posted on May 15, 2013 at 3:23 PM

Updated Wednesday, May 15 at 5:15 PM


Today's Wednesday's Child is a group of three brothers and a little 5 year-old sister who keeps her brothers in line.

Zachary, Martin, Stephven and Sammie are loving children who need a forever home that will take the four of them together.

We met up with them at the Ft. Worth Museum of Science and History knowing if you want to ensure kids have fun, let them play with water.

"I know some of us got a little excited and a little soaked," said Zachery with a smirk referring to his younger siblings.

Thirteen-year-old Zachery was easy to talk with.

"I'm an athletic kid. I like playing sports. I like playing games," he said. "I'm very social. I have a lot of friends. I'm just like a normal standard kid."

Zachery is very polite and well mannered, always looking after his 11 and 8 year-old brothers along with his adorable sister, 5-year-old Sammie.

"She thinks she owns us," Zach said jokingly. "She likes bossing us around. And she has like an attitude."

Being the awesome big brother he is, Zachery redirects Sammi's abundance of energy by involving her in whatever the guys do, sports and all. He loves his brothers too, calling 11 year-old Martin a perfectionist and 8 year-old Stephen a "funny guy."

"Stephen is the kind of guy who will try to make you laugh," he said. "Try to make you feel good."

Zachery is involved in the youth program at his church, where he's learning to let go of the past and focus on the present; one in which he and his siblings are safe from neglect.

"We've experienced very hard times and I'm glad those times are over and we're here in this situation," Zachery said.

Zach is grateful for his foster parents and is hopeful for his forever family.

"It's been a life changing experience. I mean, I've never seen such warm hearted people take in kids like us," he said "I feel blessed there are people who are able to do things for kids like us."

As you might imagine, Zach and his siblings have a tight bond and want to be adopted together.

They need a family who is understanding, kind and, above all, loving.