Wednesday's Child: Trent, Trevor, Jeffrey and Jason




Posted on March 7, 2012 at 1:59 PM

Today's  Wednesday's Child highlights four brothers who would love to have a family who loves them.

Trent, Trever, Jeffery and Jason are active boys who love to play games and sports. They would like to be adopted together and grow up in one home.

It was a day of laughter at Chuck E Cheese for the four active and loving brothers. Like most young boys, Trent, Trever, Jeffery and Jason like video games.

"We play racing," said Trent, the oldest brother. "We play with our friends playing soldiers and we also play football."

Unlike most youngsters, the four siblings don't have a  permanent home.

Trent makes good grades and loves football.

"I catch all the balls sometimes and make touchdowns," he said.

Trent takes his role as big brother seriously and hopes he and his brothers all live in one home, a home where abuse doesn't exist.

"Don't hit us," he said. "Don't do stuff that makes us hurt and do a lot of fun things."

"I want some people that take care of people, take care of kids," said Trevor.

Trevor echoed Trent's sentiment with a desire for a loving family.

"I'm a good kid," he said.

Trevor likes to ride his bike and play computer games. He needs help focusing on tasks and has yet to learn how to express his feelings.

Jeffery, 7, enjoys art and likes to sing. He wants to be a policeman when he grows up.

"They have these cool badges and they get to drive a cop car and they have this sound, 'whoo whoo,'" he said.

Jeffery responded best in a calm, stable environment and responds well to repeated instructions with encouragement.

Little Jason is the youngest of the four siblings. At two years old, his favorite show is "Sponge Bob Square Pants." He's overcoming difficulty he's had with speech and now can say several simple words.

The four boys know what it means to be adopted and hope someone can make that wish come true.