Wednesday's Child: Laramie




Posted on July 13, 2011 at 12:47 PM

Updated Wednesday, Jul 13 at 4:35 PM

This week’s Wednesday's Child carries around her life motto on her wrist!

13-year-old Laramie wears bracelets that are a lot more to her than just jewelry.

"I wear this one because it's basically the logo for my life-Faith, hope and love," said Laramie. "I know I should have hope for what's going to happen. I should have faith and I know I should love everybody." 

Laramie is incredibly thoughtful, especially when it comes to family, friends and our troops.

"Supporting our troops is like what everybody should do because they're over there risking their lives for us," she said.

At school, Laramie struggles with math, but she excels in other subjects.

"I'm actually in two honors classes," said the teen. "I'm in honors English and honors Texas history."

Laramie attends church every week and is active in the youth program. She especially enjoys church camp whenever possible. It is where she picks up words and bands of encouragement.

"This one is a palm tree and I got it at church camp last year and it basically means as tall as a palm tree goes that's as tall as my faith can go," she said.

 Laramie is working on her impulsiveness and building her self esteem. She worries what others think about her, especially boys. She also gets sad about her situation sometimes.

"Both of my parents are adopted and I feel I shouldn't have to be in this situation but I am."

After spending four years in foster care, Laramie is hopeful this report will help lead her to the right family.

"I pray that He's (God) going to find me a good family and that He's gonna let everything fall into place like I know it should."

This young lady is ready to shower her forever family with laughter and joy. It's what she hopes for in return.

"I just want a cool and loving family."