Wednesday's Child: John




Posted on December 4, 2013 at 4:48 PM

DALLAS —- From the moment we met, 7-year-old John and I had a wonderful time bird watching and learning about new animals at the Dallas World Aquarium.

His foster dad spoke lovingly about him.

"All you have to do is see his smile and he'll light the whole room up," DJ Henderson said.

He said John was born with fetal alcohol syndrome, which delayed his growth. He communicates with one- or two-word sentences.

In a rapid, back-and-forth conversation with me, John said he wants blue cars for Christmas. When I asked if he would share the cars with his foster sister, his face lit up as he emphatically as he responded, "Yes!"

John understands everything you ask him and has no problem expressing what he needs, especially if it's food. He knew just what to give me in return for a cookie -- a big hug.

For a child who doesn't use many words, it's easy to communicate with John because he exudes so much love.

"John is going to make one family's heart just melt," Henderson said. "That's the type of child he is."

John is close with his foster dad, who already cares for eight other children in his home. Henderson said John needs a family who is structured and can consistently watch over him at all times.

John's very affectionate and loving. The joy this child will bring into a forever home will be immeasurable.

For more information about John, call 817.792.4954 during weekday business hours.