Wednesday's Child: Cimmey




Posted on May 4, 2011 at 2:57 PM

GRAPEVINE - This week’s Wednesday's Child is a charming boy with a sweet smile, but six-year-old Cimmey (Kimmie) is a special needs child who will require experienced parents.

Cimmey has been in foster care two years. His early years were chaotic, and he was often left wandering his apartment complex at a very young age.

Cimmey has four siblings who are not ready for placement. That is why caseworkers are looking for an adoptive family just for him.

When asked if he is a good boy or a bad boy Cimmey immediately responded "good boy." Then he corrected himself by saying he is sometimes good and sometimes bad.

He was well-behaved, polite and well-mannered. He also expressed how much he enjoyed the day.

"I’m at the Lego Park," Cimmey said."I got to ride on the motorcycle and that’s all."

Case workers say Cimmey can be impulsive and become frustrated or quick to anger. He is in a behavior improvement classroom learning to manage his actions.

During the taping Cimmey was an angel and answered all the questions.

"I’m in kindergarten," said the boy. When how school is going, he said it was "good." When asked what he likes about school, Cimmey said "We can play with toys."

Cimmey really does not understand the concept of adoption. But he does understand fun. The Lego land Discovery Center proved to be an adventure. He got a kick out of writing his name.

Like most kids his age, Cimmey loved to build with Legos and dreamed about what he will be in the future.

"I want to be spider man," Cimmey said. When questioned whether he was kidding, Cimmey then said "Alright, I want to be a cop. I like cops."

While he was a sweet hear during the taping, case workers stress he has behavioral issues, but would benefit from a family who has experience dealing with such challenges.