Wednesday's Child: Ashley




Posted on April 30, 2013 at 12:30 PM

Updated Tuesday, Apr 30 at 1:02 PM

FORT WORTH - Ashley, 14, likes to sing. During our Wednesday's Child shoot, the Christ Chapel Church in Fort Worth helped Ashley record her first song!

"It felt great," she said. "I got a rush. I was scared at first and then I got to the second verse and I felt good about it."

At school, Ashely is good at math and hopes that will help her with what she hopes to become in the future.

"I want to be a musician," she said. "I want to meet Simon Cowell someday, too."

Unlike Cowell, Ashley is always chipper and smiling. When she gets nervous, her immediate solution is to pray.

"Sometimes when I'm really nervous about something and I feel like it won't go very well, I'll pray to God that He'll help calm my nerves," she said. "And I know that with whatever I do, he'll be there with me."

It's this attitude that helps Ashley stay positive as she searches for a loving home.

"I've moved around from house to house for the past 2 1/2 3 years," she said. "I've been to like four different homes. It's really hard moving around."

Ashley wants a mom she can look up to and a father who will play football with her, parents who will love her for who she is.

"I want a home where the parents won't be afraid to let me be myself like," she said. "I like to wear skinny jeans and heels and I wear my pants up pretty high so they won't have to worry about my pants being way too low. Same with my shirts. My shirts come up to my neck most of the time."

Ashley is highly motivated by encouragement, redirection and one-on-one attention.

She won't give up on what she wants most.

"To find a forever home," she said. "The one that fits me just right."