Wednesday's Child: Deandre




Posted on January 25, 2012 at 4:15 PM

Updated Thursday, Jan 26 at 5:09 PM

This week's Wednesday's Child might someday be a football star. He already had the talent to go far in life. 10-year-old Deandre is as charming as he is intelligent. 

He is a happy child who looks for the good in others. Deandre says he enjoys seeing people achieve, especially his friends.

"They're all nice,” said Deandre. “They give me stuff. We share.”

When it comes to competition, Deandre likes a good challenge in several different areas.

"I like racing cars, going outside to play football and swimming,” said the 10-year-old with a smile.

Deandre is a lot of fun, which explains why he has a lot of friends. He was frank about what it takes to be a good friend.

"Not beating up other kids,” he said. “Not hanging up on people and all that."

Deandre prides himself in being helpful, especially around the house.

"Plan on doing my chores and doing what I'm supposed to be doing in school," said Deandre. “Hasting elementary and my favorite subject is math because I like money."

Deandre also likes sports. He enjoys basketball and especially football.

"I run fast and nobody touches me, or tackles me or can hurt me or get me," Deandre said in a confident voice.

But most of all,Deandre loves family. He always looks forward to visits with his younger brother and sister. Although they will not be adopted together, he hopes to always remain in contact with them.

Deandre needs a home where he can find security and an abundance of love.