Wednesday's Child: Demariary




Posted on November 2, 2011 at 9:45 AM

Updated Sunday, Nov 3 at 8:04 PM

Today's Wednesday's Child is sweet and fun-loving. He also has a really cool laugh.

His name is Demariary, but he simply likes to go by "D."

When he met up with WFAA's Cynthia Izaguirre at Celebration Station in Mesquite, it was clear he likes cars. In fact, 10-year-old D also has a need for speed.

"I drive too fast," he said with a big smile.

Despite not having a home, D is a happy kid who enjoys talking about his super heroes.

"Star Wars, Batman and Robin, I like super heroes," he said.

D said he could never be Spider-Man because he does not have super powers. But, when Izaguirre told him she considers "love" a superpower, he said he definitely has a lot of that.

In fact, D has so much love in him, he remembers to say prayers for other people. He also prays for himself occasionally.

"I pray for a family and sometimes a wife," he said.

Surprised, Izaguirre responded "a wife? Well, you're ahead of the game." D just chuckled.

When D is not playing video games or riding his bike, he's eating. The kid has a big appetite and can never pass up Texas BBQ. He also has a sweet tooth.

"I like cakes, cookies and marshmallows," he said.

D is very goal oriented and a good listener. He paid attention to every question asked and put thought into answering, including who his favorite teachers are.

"I like Ms. Massy, Ms. O'Neil and Ms. Collins because they're nice," he said.

The young man does well in school, but does have some difficulties. He attends regular classes but needs extra attention with reading.

In the future, D wants to protect his community.

"I want to be a cop or agent to help people," he said.

D's forever family will need to offer a loving and stable environment with plenty of positive reinforcement. In return, he'll race his way into your heart.