Wednesday's Child: Lupe




Posted on September 14, 2011 at 2:02 PM

Updated Wednesday, Sep 14 at 2:31 PM

This week's Wednesday's Child is a bright sensitive teenager who really wants to be adopted.

15-year-old Lupe is athletic, fun and would help her adoptive mother have great hair!

She loved the adventure at the Grapevine Sea life Aquarium was great from the start. Lupe got to hang out with stingrays and sharks.

"It was new to me and I like to see other sea creatures that I haven't seen before especially sharks because I'm a shark fan," said Lupe.

Lupe already knows that she wants to pursue a degree in Cosmetology.

"I like to do hair and nails," Lupe said. "I really like to color other people's hair."

Lupe has made many moves the past few years and is ready for her forever home. When she thinks about her adoptive parents, three things come to mind.

"I think about rules, structure and a great amount of love," she said.

Lupe responds well to structure and rules. She is very open and honest about her feelings and is working on appropriate ways to express her anger. She says it's not good to hold a grudge.

"It brings me down more than it brings them down so I say I’m sorry," Lupe said. "If we don't resolve it, then we just move forward."

Lupe hopes to blend in with her family. She would like to have a Hispanic family if possible.

One thing that is for sure, this young lady is pretty and tall enough to be a model. She stands at five feet eight inches tall and it comes in handy when playing sports. Lupe loves to play volleyball and is very active in the Boys and Girls Club.

"I'm really open and very friendly. I really like to interact with a lot of people. I'm not a shy person."

Lupe is filled with love and wants to fill a home with it.