Wednesday's Child: Ruben, Ifrain, Yxzachel and Teresa



Posted on February 19, 2014 at 3:56 PM

DALLAS –– Ruben, Ifrain, Yxzachel (Ixa) and Teresa are four loving siblings who are healthy, vibrant and smart. 

"My favorite subject is mathematics," said Ruben. "Because it really gets you thinking and you use a lot of your brain to work out the problem." 

"My favorite subject is reading," says Teresa. "Because you can learn new words and it's fun to read because you can have a big imagination." 

Nine-year-old Teresa only wants two things in life: To be adopted with her three siblings by a parent who cares. Or, as she puts it, "Somebody who's nice and can tuck me in at night.” 

You could best describe 17 year-old Ruben as an All American teenager: charming and articulate.  

"I'm a real active guy. I love playing sports. I love my education. I can't wait to go to college,” he said.  

Ruben, who dreams of becoming an engineer, has always watched over his three younger siblings. 15-year-old Efrain, 13-year-old Ix and little Teresa.

"I want them to be happy and proud of who they are."

Efrain is intelligent, funny and clever. He smiles a lot and is a stand out at school. Like most brothers he and Ruben spend a lot of time horsing around.  

"Ifrain, he's really cool. We sleep in the same room and we have fun together all the time,” Ruben said. 

Ixa is a shy, soft-hearted young lady who shines both in academics and in sports. At school, she's already gaining a reputation for working well with others, something that doesn't surprise her little sister. 

"My big sister, she's funny and she's always laughing about everything,” she said. 

Despite what these children have been through in life, they remain optimistic about the future and in "high" spirits.

"Negative doesn't get you anywhere," says Ruben.

With a spirit of gratitude- Ruben, Efrain, Ixa and Teresa live their lives being thankful for their health and their foster family.


"Having a caring family really makes a big difference in your life and no matter who it is as long as they love you, you'll be happy,” Ruben said.