Wednesday's Child: Lee'Annaika




Posted on December 7, 2011 at 6:25 PM

 This week's Wednesday's Child needs parents who are as special as she is.

Lee'Annaika is a precious girl who is ready to step into her future. 8-year-old Lee'Annaika has been loved, nurtured and prepared for adoption by her foster family.

This precious child is deaf and legally blind, but she has enough vision to move about.

Her mobility specialist Desiree McKey with the Garland Independent School District says Lee'Annaika has come a long way.

"She's come from laying on her back and really not moving much at all to walking with assistance and holding hands," said McKey.

Born with a genetic disorder called Charge Syndrome, Lee'Annaika's mom gave her up at birth.

"It's permanent,” McKey said. “The prognosis is a permanent situation. But with charge syndrome there are always giant steps."

Lee Annaika's foster family has spoiled her ever since birth and you can see she's won over her teacher's hearts.

"She has a very friendly personality,” McKay said. “She's touchy, she likes to love, she likes to rough house and play."

Despite the odds, Lee'Annaika climbs, crawls, and proudly rides a bike.

"She's very head strong and has her ideas of what she likes to do and what she doesn't, but she's a very sweet girl."

Lee'Annaika needs a special family that is well organized, able to correclty dose numerous medications and is attentive to details. Most of all, this beautiful little girl needs compassion.

"I hope that Lee' Annaika grows up to be a happy beautiful woman with a very loving family and lots of friends."

Lee' Annaika was born with all odds stacked against her, yet she is striving and thriving. She’s ready to crawl into the arms and hearts of her forever family.