Wednesday's Child: Esteban




Posted on July 24, 2013 at 2:21 PM

Updated Wednesday, Jul 24 at 9:38 PM

DALLAS –– Esteban is a pretty shy 13-year-old when you first meet him. That is, until you put a basketball in his hands. 

"I want to be able to dunk a basketball," says Esteban.

The sixth grader got plenty of practice playing basketball at Dave & Busters in Dallas earlier this week.

What's he like most? "Basketball, four square and I like to play with my scooter."

While being athletic is a lot of fun for Esteban, he'd rather watch sports on television. 

"I like watching it. I don't really watch the season," he said. "I just watch the playoffs."

He's talking about Lebron James and the Miami Heat.

"He can dunk and he won a championship twice in a row," says Esteban with a bright smile on his face.

Game 6 of the NBA Finals this past June is still fresh on Esteban's mind.

"They were losing by three and Ray Allen hit that last shot and then they went into overtime," he said. 

While sports makes Esteban happy, so does going to church. He was quick to say who Jesus is.

"He died on the cross. For us. So that  we could live," the teenager said.

Esteban is honest, observant, and sensitive to other people's feelings. He knows what love is. 

"It's like someone who cares about you," he said.  

Esteban will do well in a home with an older brother and no younger siblings. He and his foster brother are always horsing around!

"We sumo wrestle. We take each other down and put our blankets up and then we sumo wrestle with blankets. I win, but he says he lets me win," he joked.  

Esteban's new family will need solid boundaries and be dedicated to him, much like his current foster home has been. 

"They buy me clothes and they feed me and they give me little jobs around the house." 

Esteban needs a patient family who will advocate for him. In return, you will find a loyal and loving son.