Wednesday's Child: Arriana & Adrian




Posted on January 30, 2013 at 2:16 PM

Updated Thursday, Jan 31 at 5:58 PM

For all of us who have brothers and sisters, we understand what a tight bond siblings can have.

Today's Wednesday's Child is a brother and sister who have been separated once, and they don't want it to ever happen again.

It was an emotional interview for the pair of siblings who told Channel 8's Cynthia Izaguirre they have only one wish: to be adopted together.

Arriana, 12, and Adrian, 11, are quite the team; She sings, he dances.

They both couldn't wait to show Izaguirre all of the fun video games at the new Dave & Busters off Central Expressway in Dallas.

"I love playing soccer and going to the movies," Adrian said. "And I love go-carts and laser tag."

Arriana chimed in, "I really love to sing, and I love Justin Bieber -- just like all the other girls."

Both Arriana and Adrian are good students.

"Science is my favorite thing, because you do all kinds of experiments and Ms. Woods is a really good teacher," Arriana said.

Science is also Adrian's favorite subject, but that's not all. He just placed third at a school competition for his reading skills!

"The UIL competition in Corsicana for oral reading," said a beaming Adrian.

Arriana and Adrian want a family who will be involved in all aspects of their lives. It's one of the things they both pray for at night.

"I pray for an adopting home and someone that will love me, and I pray for God to forgive me for my sins and for what I've done, and hopefully, I wake up in the morning and just see a beautiful day again," said Arriana in her sweet voice.

Adrian then said what he prays for, "I want [a family] that travels, goes places, that loves us, that has a relationship with God and that really loves us."

Adrian and Arrianna will do best in a two parent home who will adopt them together.

"I don't want to risk losing my sister again," Adrian said as he fought back tears.

The two have been placed in separate foster homes before.

"I was really scared," Adrian said through tears. "I didn't know why they moved me. I didn't want to move. But now I'm okay, because I'm back with my sister."

Arrianna and Adrian are currently in a loving foster home, hoping their forever family is right around the corner.