Frequently Asked Questions


by Staff

Posted on September 24, 2012 at 9:07 AM

  What is Texans Can Academies ?

  Texans Can Academies is a non-profit organization operating public charter high schools throughout the State of Texas. Texans Can Academies provide a second-chance education for any student who has struggled in a traditional high school setting. Students learn in a non-threatening environment, receive focused attention, and work toward receiving a high school diploma. Each Texans Can Academy is fully certified to award high school diplomas.

  Are Texans Can Academies different from traditional public high schools?

  Texans Can Academies differ in several ways:

1. Each student attends on a voluntary basis.

2. We focus on creating a nurturing environment where learning can take place.

a. Classes are held in half-day sessions with low enrollment per class – no more than 18 students per teacher.

b. Our school provides a strong counseling program with a 45 to 1 student to counselor ratio (compared to 450 to 1 in traditional high schools).

3. We provide individual assessment for each student and customized programs. Students can catch-up and learn at their own pace.

  How much does it cost to attend?

  Nothing. Texans Can Academies are tuition-free public high schools.

  How are Texans Can Academies funded?

  As public schools, Texans Can Academies receive two-thirds of their operating budget from the State and Federal governments. The remaining monies come from fundraising, special events and private/corporate donors. For donation information, go to Texas Cars for Kids.

  Where are Texans Can Academies located?

  The Texans Can Academies are located as follows:

  How many students attend?

  Attendance varies from campus to campus. In all, more than 6,000 students are enrolled in Texans Can Academies throughout the year. Since 1985, Texans Can Academies have changed the lives of over 70,000 at-risk youth.

  How many students go to college?

  A survey of Texans Can Academy graduates reveals that 78% of graduates go on to post secondary education. Approximately 5% join the military while the remaining graduates enter the work force. *Based on post graduation interviews/surveys.

  How does a student enroll?

  Students need to have completed 8th grade and be no older than 21. Parents or guardians must enroll anyone under 18. To enroll, contact the Texans Can Academy nearest you. Click here to find out more.