Wednesday's Child: Michayla, Allie and Sapphire




Posted on October 26, 2011 at 1:39 PM

Updated Monday, Mar 4 at 12:37 PM

Wednesday's Child
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This week’s Wednesday's Child is a trio of beautiful sisters who must be placed together.  Michayla, 11, Allie, 10, and Sapphire, 7, are as close in appearance as they are in age.

"I don't know what they like to do, but I like my sisters a lot," says Sapphire. She is the youngest of the three. These three sisters all have a passion for animals and hope to have pets in their new home.

"Sometimes I go to the cage and the dog licks my hand."

Izaguirre asked "What's your doggies name?" 'Sugarbear' responded Sapphire with a smile on her face.

Michayla is the oldest of the three. She loves to sing and is hoping to be discovered one day.

"I like good old soft songs," said Michayla. "I'm not really into rap. I like country."
At the young age of 11, Michayla has often had to assume the role of caretaker and is now finding it a little difficult to relinquish that role. She needs a family that can provide a true childhood experience for her.

"If I was at my grandma's, for me and my sister's birthday I would make cake. I would bake it, get it ready, decorate it and they'd love it," bragged Michayla of her big sister duties.

Allie is the middle child who loves to play both indoors and outdoors. This sweet and loving girl has been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome and receives special services at school. She thinks her big sis is the best.

"She always hugs me," said Allie as she talks about Michayla.

Sapphire is an active little girl who loves to play at the park and ride her bike with her older sisters. She already knows what she wants to be when she grows up.

"I want to be when I grow up a principal," said Sapphire.

These girls have made a lot of moves together and hope to remain close with relatives, especially with their grandmother. They pray for a family where they can feel safe.