Richardson students campaign for better nutrition in Haiti




Posted on March 18, 2011 at 4:53 PM

Updated Friday, Mar 18 at 6:35 PM

RICHARDSON — Giving your child a vitamin is a daily routine for many families in the United States.

For many youngsters in underdeveloped countries, though, it is something unheard of.

Some Richardson students are leading an effort to help those children who don't have access to the nutritional supplements they need.

They are collecting bottles of vitamins for youngsters in Haiti.

Our goal was 2,000, and we definitely achieved that," said J.J. Pearce High School student Kendal Carse. "So far, we have 3,000 bottles, which accounts for 30,000 individual vitamins, which I think is pretty cool."

"Strengthening the Link From A to Zinc" is a month-long vitamin drive conducted for Medical Wings International. The non-profit group provides up to four months of vitamins for children in underdeveloped countries.

"We can see the difference in the child, that they have become somewhat healthy, even though they are not getting the nutritional foods that we have in the United States," said MWI spokeswoman Glenda Johnson.

The student council project involved Pearce High School students and several Richardson elementary schools. The older students gave their younger counterparts a lesson in nutrition... and in giving back.

"One big thing we told them is that there are kids around the world, they are their age — as in 10 to 15 years old — that are exactly like them and don't have the food or resources to be healthy," said Pearce student Logan Marx.

The lesson worked. One elementary provided 60 bottles of vitamins, another 186, and one collected $1,000 in change, proof that even a few pennies can quickly add up to make a purchase that could change a child's life.

At last count, the Pearce High School students had collected 3,132 bottles of vitamins on behalf of Medical Wings International.