Our Neighbor: TJHS Uniform Lady




Posted on December 8, 2009 at 10:34 AM

Updated Monday, Feb 1 at 12:43 PM

DALLAS — The Thomas Jefferson High School band in Dallas has a long tradition of putting on a good show.

Under the direction of Tom Woody, the 131-member band has celebrated numerous awards and accomplishments.

But to play the part, you have to look the part, and that's where Sylvia Goushey steps in.

"Band pants can't be cut, so if they need to be a foot shorter, they have to be made a foot shorter," Goushey explained. "Someone has to know what they're doing, because if you take them to the cleaners, then they're gone — they don't fit but one person anymore."

Sylvia Goushey has been tailoring the band's uniforms for so long, even I remember her from my days in the T.J. band 21 years ago.

"When her daughter was a freshman, Sylvia started doing this, and has not stopped since," Woody said.

For the last two decades, Goushey has tailored each uniform with great perfection. "Once a band parent, always a band parent, I guess," she said.

And much to Woody's appreciation, Goushey has never charged the band one penny.

"No, I don't charge them," she said. "Sometimes they give me a little perk like a lunch out or something like that."

Even as her health has declined, this sister in stitching has never wavered in her desire to help the Thomas Jefferson band.

Somebody that would give that much time, that much effort to an organization has to be very, very special," Woody said.

Throughout the decades, Goushey has been known only as the "uniform lady," but to Tom Woody, she's been a lifesaver. And so we name Sylvia Goushey today's "Our Neighbor."

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