$1 million giveaway in McKinney offers help for holidays




Posted on November 12, 2011 at 11:50 PM

Updated Sunday, Nov 24 at 11:59 AM

McKINNEY — Ever heard of a place where you can get clothes, bicycles for the kids or a couch for the living room — without spending a penny?

Well, it happened at the third annual McKinney Garage Giveaway on Saturday; shoppers carted off a million dollars worth of merchandise.

"The joy of giving it away is phenomenal," said Rafe Wright, mission executive director at Christ Fellowship Church.

"It's not about the stuff for us," added Pastor Bruce Miller. "It's about the gospel of Jesus."

The event at Christ Fellowship Church was a joint effort by a dozen churches gathering the best from its members and the community to reflect what giving is all about in this sour economy.

"Times are hard for everybody and people are still willing to donate," said recently-divorced mother Sandra Musick. "It just really helps us and blesses us, because it gives us work clothes, kids books... It's just so awesome that people can do this."

Some books looked so good that little ones stopped shopping and started reading.

Other items were so big that a delivery truck was needed to get furniture home.

"They're helping us a lot with things we need," said 11-year-old Michael Baladeras, one of the youngsters who is thankful that their parents can put clothes on their backs and stuffed animals to wrap up later.

It was a chance to get in some early holiday shopping for those who might otherwise have had a bleak Christmas.

"It's fun to be getting stuff that we never get from our house," said parent Mareana Mendoza.

There were things you wouldn't normally find, like an old fashioned popcorn machine.

"I got VHS's for my kids that Disney locked away that you can't never find no more, and i got clothes," said grateful parent Robert Brock.

More than 1,000 people got more than they bargained for at the event, including free haircuts and massages — gifts to relieve stress right around the time of year when parents feel it the most.

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