Three-day walk raises money for cancer research




Posted on November 4, 2012 at 11:15 PM

Updated Monday, Nov 5 at 12:28 AM

DALLAS — Sixteen-hundred people took to the streets of North Texas this weekend to raise money for breast cancer research.

The Susan G. Komen 3-Day walk stretched 60 miles from Plano to Dallas Fair Park.

But the end of this journey is the beginning of a bigger one.

"It's for lots of research, so this crap doesn't happen to more people," said Joni, a walker from Plano.

"We had a close friend that died of breast cancer just last month," added Evie, of Allen.

Over three days, they walked 60 miles.

“Today is a day that we've been looking forward to for six months," Catrina Gibson said. "We've been training since May. We've been fundraising for the past year."

They are sisters in solidarity against breast cancer.

More than 1,600 North Texans raised $4.3 million. One-quarter of the total, or just over $1 million, stays in the area for local outreach.

“It's an amazing commitment," said 3-Day participant Jody Brown. "It's an amazing opportunity for us to raise money and to hopefully find a cure."

Fewer people participated in this year's walk, which brought in nearly $3 million less. Why?

The Komen organization is not talking, but its Planned Parenthood funding flap led to a backlash from which the charity group is still recovering.

But charitable giving overall is down. Uncertainty over the election outcome and the economy are to blame.

Despite the hard numbers, teams like Pink'd Out boasted young people, older people, men and cancer survivors all walking for a cure.

“Every year it's like, 'How can I not walk if Elaine is out here walking?” Gibson said about the survivor who inspires her.

There was a flood of emotion for those crossing the finish line. Everyone does it with someone in mind.

“I came out here for a friend of mine who passed in 2008 from breast cancer," Brown said. "There's a lot of pain involved, so having people along the way to cheer us on really makes a difference."