Wednesday's Child: Vanessa and Mersadys




Posted on November 16, 2011 at 4:35 PM

Updated Monday, Mar 4 at 12:37 PM

This week's Wednesday's Child is a dynamic duo. Vanessa and Mersadys have only each other and both dream of a family who will love and support them.

The young ladies hope to dance their way right into your heart.

Vanessa, 13 and her 9-year-old sister Mersadys were in for the treat of their lives at the Chamberlain performing Arts center in Plano. Not only did they get gifts and dance lessons, they got to look the part too.


Vanessa is a shy young lady who blossoms when she talks about her interests.

"I like to dance,” said Vanessa. “Like I dance around my room and I like to do sports.”

Mersadys is just as charming. Her bright smile and personality will light up any room.

"The dishes, the windows and the laundry,” said Mersadys. “I can do it all."

Both girls are very intelligent. Mersadys does not hold back her love for Science and Math.

"Because with Science you can do experiments and you can do all kinds of fun things in science,”

Mersadys said. “Math is fun even when doing homework. You get to do times table, division- yea!"

Both Vanessa and Mersadys will need a home with structure and strong role models. These sisters only have each other.

"It means a lot because I really have no one else besides her," Vanessa said.

The girls have been in foster care for a long time.

"It was hard to go to different homes and we've been in foster care for almost six years,” Vanessa said. “I'm hoping to have a family that loves me and adores me."

From watching a ballet performance, to learning a plie these sisters were grateful for their dance lessons and await the day when they can give thanks for a forever family.