DALLAS -- Hundreds of miles from the storm, Red Cross volunteers in Dallas are playing a unique and crucial role in responding to Hurricane Matthew.

They ramped up operations at the Digital Operations Center, which has revolutionized the way the Red Cross responds to disasters.

They use key words on social media to find storm victims and start conversations. The goal is to guide them to help and find out what they need, and where. Then the Red Cross uses that information to place food trucks, shelters and disaster relief on the ground.

"We’re learning what their needs are, what’s happened to them, do they need a shelter, a hot meal, so we can better understand what our Red Cross response is going to be, give them information about where to go to find help," said Taelor Duckworth, digital operations manager for Red Cross DFW.

Red Cross DFW has one of three Digital Operations Centers around the country.

The other two centers are in Washington, D.C. and California.