With winter weather conditions, comes preparations on Texas roadways.

The North Texas Toll Authority put crews on 12-hour shifts starting at noon Monday, ready to respond if the roads get dangerous.

Crews were out Thursday putting down a salt water mix called "brine" on North Texas streets. The salt acts as a deterrent for ice potentially sticking to the pavement. NTTA treated elevated surfaces, which are known to freeze first -- especially the big interchanges in North Texas.

Crews will be monitoring the situation as winter weather arrives.

Carrollton city workers on Monday were planning to treat bridges and overpasses with sand and magnesium chloride to help with traction and prevent freezing.

In Navarro County, the Office of Emergency Management re-opened at 10 p.m. Monday. Hours earlier, the county's Independent School Districts decided they would close Tuesday and County Courts followed suit.

Emergency managers plan to survey road conditions starting around midnight, when the rain that fell for hours Monday evening could freeze. Forecasters said there's a chance of one to three inches of sleet or snow to fall on top of it.

Additional treatment of roads will happen if necessary.

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