DALLAS -- For travelers on Southwest Flight 1379, the hustle and bustle is a relief. It’s the first flight from Houston’s Hobby Airport to Dallas since Hurricane Harvey.

For these weary travelers, the journey home is over.

“On Monday they told us we’d be diverted, and Tuesday they told us we’re being diverted,” said Dallas resident Donna Brown Patton.

Donna Brown Patton’s family was stuck at sea, watching Harvey wreck parts of Texas and Louisiana from a cruise ship.

“It was difficult being in such posh surroundings knowing there are people right outside hurting and struggling so much,” said Brown Patton.

Travelers passing through Dallas aren’t spared either. The rental car counter sits empty, only a few cars left. That means if you don’t have a reservation, you might not have a car. And the folks who do are paying a lot this weekend.

“$516 for one day. It’s crazy, it’s crazy, but we have no choice now,” said Virginia resident Addison Matthews.

The Shaffer family, trying to get home to Houston, hasn’t had much of a choice either.

“Originally we’ve been trying to rent a car and been told there are no cars available at all. Thankfully we have my brother here or we’d be stranded in Dallas with no car,” explained Jen Shaffer.

They’ll drive home Sunday and, like all these travelers, are grateful to get closer to home.

Southwest is operating 17 percent of Houston routes. It hopes to run a full schedule on Monday.