Young students in North Texas are spreading messages of support to people and communities devastated by Hurricane Harvey.

Students from Acton Middle School wrote letters to families, encouraging them and reminding them that they are not alone despite the challenges ahead.

Jenni Gilmer, a seventh grade English teacher, posted pictures of her students' letters on Twitter.

"If these sweet notes don't move your heart, you may not have a pulse," Gilmer wrote with photos of three handwritten letters.

"I hope you get to see the rainbow when the sun stops," one letter, written by a student named Sykora, reads in part. "God bless you."

"I know you are down, but look on the bright side," a student named Braiden wrote. "You could be telling your grandkids your story about you surviving Hurricane Harvey."

"I just want you to know you are not alone," wrote another student named Amanda. "People all over the United States has heard, and we all care about each and every one of you!"