Do you know someone that needs to be rescued from the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey?

One woman has been collaborating with people she found on Twitter to provide rescue and relief effort information in real time.

Jessica Decker, co-founder and resource map coordinator, said there was a real need for the service she and hundreds of others were able to provide.

The website,, is accompanied by a Twitter account run by 550+ people worldwide and is growing, according to the page.

"I woke up last Friday morning and I went on Twitter and put out a call," Decker said.

Danny McGlashing, of Boston, saw her tweet and reached out wanting to collaborate alongside Andrew Hull.

McGlashing had been compiling a list of rescue information and Decker had mapping tool experience.

The two of them built the website Friday morning and launched the resource map shortly, after which has so far rescued 3,931 people.

The @HarveyRescue account on Twitter also teamed up with McGlashing and Decker to map rescue calls from scraping the Twitter hashtag, #HarveySOS.

"We are not an emergency service, we are still asking people to call 911, while they're waiting for 911 to come, they can also tweet #HarveySOS," Decker said.

"Everyone is exhausted but we're thrilled it's been so successful," she said.

If you or someone you know needs a coordinated rescue, please fill out the form on their website. If you or someone you know is looking for resources, where to donate, what to donate, volunteer opportunities visit their interactive map page.