RICHWOOD, Texas – Residents in a small town near Lake Jackson, a few miles from the Gulf of Mexico, hoped Harvey had passed.

“We fared okay during the actual hurricane, and now we’re dealing with all the rain water runoff and the rivers running together,” explained Chief Bryan Corb, Richwood Police.

The receding flood from Fort Bend County to the north is now causing water to rise in Richwood, which sits in southern Brazoria County.

“We had a little flood in June last year but nothing like this,” said Danny Wiggs, Richwood Volunteer Fire Department.

Firefighters took WFAA into the Audubon Woods subdivision with them as they drove a couple homeowners back in for a few essentials.

“You can’t really get mad because there’s nothing you can do about it. You just have to keep praying that when it goes down, that we can recover and get back to normal again,” said Martin Paiz, homeowner.

Their first stop was worse than they expected.

Water already appeared six to eight inches deep inside a home as firefighters searched for prescription pills for the diabetic homeowner.

Same scene, house after house.

“I was expecting a lot more water in here. I’m one of the lucky ones I guess, but still, it’s devastating,” said Paiz.

His home has no more than a film of flood water on the floor.

As he pulled out a hedgehog, Google Chromebook, and a couple shotguns, “You know like they say, after every storm, there’s a rainbow. So that’s what we’re hoping for right now,” added Paiz.

Driving back to dry land, firefighters noticed a cat clinging to a window sill in a vacant home.

Uncertain if it might dart off on them, they still took a chance on trying to capture it.

“It might but at least we could try,” said Chief Clint Kocurek, Richwood Volunteer Fire Dept.

Water was chest deep as they approached to save a little life.

The cat apparently too exhausted, had nowhere to go. Firefighters floated him inside a bin back to the safety of the truck.

“Probably no telling how long he’s been sitting on that window sill and nobody noticed him,” said a volunteer fireman holding the animal.

Receding and recovery – two words that have yet to reach Richwood where water is still rising.