Community members across North Texas are finding ways to help flood victims across the Greater Houston area.

Volunteers were busy at a warehouse in Grand Prairie on Monday morning. Strangers, neighbors, and residents showed up to Orphans of the World, Incorporated to pack relief items and make a difference during a time of disaster.

“These people come from all walks of life,” said Cameron Gray. “Rich and the poor. Everybody is here.”
Gray is an attorney and philanthropist who runs Orphans of the World, Inc. the charity typically helps childrena and families in Central America. Now, Gray and his team are busy gathering donations for families escaping flood zones in across Houston.

”We can’t wait,” Gray said. “These people are suffering now. Right now!”

Emotional images of families wading through water and waiting to be rescued from rooftops motivated some volunteers to step up and offer help.

Trina Hall said giving some of her time to help organize donations was the least she could do.
”It breaks my heart,” Hall explained. “I would not want to be stranded like that without no one helping me. I mean, the fear of not knowing where you are going.”

The volunteers are boxing clothing, water, personal hygiene items, and other essentials they know flood victims will need.

Louis Perez and Jimmie Gladney work with Dave’s Hi-Way Wrecking Service.

“We both come from tight-knit families,” said Perez.

The men were eager to volunteer their time to help the flood victims. Their tow company is offering up its trucks and time to haul the donations off to the Houston area.

Gladney said, "We can make a dollar tomorrow, but we can make a difference today.”

Residents say it is interesting how disaster can inspire strangers to become friends and test one’s compassion during a time a crisis.

Chila Anyiam is a candidate for Dallas County Criminal Court Judge. She said she left court early to help give some time to help the families affected by the flooding.

Anyiam explained, ”I just wanted to be out here. So that everybody can understand that we can help. No matter who you are.”

The volunteers say they want North Texans to know the Orphans of the World, Inc will be collecting donations of water, personal hygiene items, clean clothing and shoes all week at 422 North Street, Grand Prairie, Texas.