PLANO, Texas -- When Nora Uribe holds her newborn daughter, Ximena, just for a moment, the rest of the world stops, and everything she needs is right there in her arms.

"I am happy, joyful," she said in Spanish, before bursting into tears Wednesday.

Her overwhelming joy is met with an unthinkable loss. She has a newborn baby girl and no home of her own where she can bring her.

The family says their home in Houston is filled with flood water.

"I left everything in the house," said Nora. "The water came in and took everything. Everything is a loss."

Nora, her partner Antonio Negrete, and her two older kids, evacuated to North Texas on Friday, before the flooding began. They are staying with family, but didn't expect to be gone more than a couple of days. Now, they don't know when they'll be able to go back.

"I had her wipes, diapers, everything we needed, but when we left, I grabbed her diaper bag and nothing else," said Nora.

When Nora went into labor, one week early, her family took her to Medical City Plano. Ximena, a healthy, six-pound little angel, was born at 12:09 a.m. on Tuesday.

Ximena's brother and sister, Antonio and Natalie, think they are just on vacation.

"Material things aren't important, family is the most important," said Nora.

They still have a long, uncertain road ahead.

But now, they also have a sweet little miracle, a bright light of hope, for a family who really needs one.