As Hurricane Irma churns in the Atlantic, gathering strength and strengthening fears, eyes are turning-- believe it or not-- to Fort Worth, where a small office is making a big impact in keeping people safe and informed.

"This is a very big storm," says emergency response meteorologist Brian Hoeth. "It is an all hands on deck kind of situation."

This is the Regional Operations Center, or "ROC," for the Southern Region of the National Weather Service. The job here is to coordinate logistical needs at NWS offices from New Mexico to Florida all the way to Puerto Rico. It is one of just six offices like it in the nation.

"We also provide weather intelligence to regional resources like FEMA," Hoeth says.

It's information that's been incredibly valuable in recent weeks, first with Hurricane Harvey, and now with Irma. And behind Irma is Jose. Hoeth says these past few weeks are the busiest he's been in the years he's worked here.

"We were just about to come off of 24 hour operations, we had a brief respite," he says. "And now we’re going back into 24 hour operations starting tomorrow."

But it's work they're proud to do-- helping keep our country safe from Cowtown.