In Angleton, sunlight reflecting on the water is a welcome sight. The clear weather gives the Bayer family a chance to check on their home.

"I'm thankful for every day, so this is little stuff," said Nancy Coates Bayer.

Against the advice of his wife, Nancy, Willie Bayer is treading through the water. He's after medication he left behind.

"Today, it's for my insulin for my diabetes," Bayer said as he walked through knee-deep water.

Like much of Brazoria County, it remains under several feet of water. Flooding made worse Tuesday when the Columbia Lakes Levee was breached, forcing a mandatory evacuation of hundreds of homes.

The evacuation came just one week after Nancy Bayer was hospitalized for a heart attack. She was home recovering during the worst of the storm.

"They didn't think I was going to live, and the Lord allowed me to live," she said.

She says she's grateful to be alive and appreciative to have neighbors with a boat willing to pick up her husband.
Minutes later, Willie is back on shore with some $500 worth of medical equipment. It's a relief.

"I have the Lord in my heart, and that gives me peace and it's still beating," she says.

The sun may be shining for now, but Angleton isn't in the clear. This family, like so many others, are left to wonder what they'll see the next time they come home.