RICHMOND, Texas—The Brazos River that is roaring through Fort Bend County will continue to be a flooding threat through next week.

The river has set a flood record of more than 55 feet in Richmond. That’s still ten feet about flood stage, according to data tracked by the National Weather Service.

The surging river started to really rise on Sunday when Hurricane Harvey unleashed a furious amount of rainfall, one pounding drop at a time.

"It started coming, and going, and going," says Neo Reyes, who evacuated his house Monday morning.

The 85-year-old has lived near the Brazos his entire life. His home is now under three to four feet of water.

"It has been close before, but never like this," he said. "We got five kids and about 20 trucks, and everything was on the trailers, our important stuff."

Damage stemming from Harvey and the subsequent flooding has impacted hundreds of thousands of homes in Texas, according to the DPS.

Dr. Marc Spector owns one of them.

He made his family leave Sunday night when the rain wouldn’t quit.

"I’m the head of the household. I don’t get to pull that card very often, but I said ‘We’re going,’" said Spector, who lives a couple of miles from the river.

The dentist and his son trudged back into their flooded neighborhood on Friday in waders. They needed to collect medicine and other essentials because it could be a week or two before the area is easily accessible by car.

"The water is getting bad," say Spector, pointing out that the 200-plus homes in his immediate area are mostly on septic tanks which are now clogged.

Fort Bend County continues to have a curfew in place from midnight until 6 a.m. That should last until early next week.