We've been telling you about spot outages and rising gas prices in north Texas.

In Dallas, the price has gone up about three cents in the past 24 hours and climbing. The number of gas pumps being shut down is also starting to go up as the number of operating refineries along the Texas and Louisiana coast goes down.

The large refineries in Corpus Christi and outside of Houston were the first to shut down as Hurricane Harvey approached.

Wednesday, it was the largest refinery in the country, the Motiva refinery in Port Arthur that closed down.

It starts to explain what we are seeing here in north Texas, non-operational gas pumps -- on Tuesday in Waxahachie, Wednesday morning in Midlothian and Wednesday afternoon at the Kroger in Richardson.

Pumps that are temporarily shut down and defendant on the arrival of the next tanker. Quick Trip convenience stores says they will start rationing gas this beginning this weekend.

"I think you are going to see the spot shortages," said Paul Hardin, President of the Texas Food and Fuel Association. "I don't think it's going to be a mass outage throughout the state of Texas. Certainly, as a consumer, I would fill up reasonably soon."

And when Hardin says "gas up," you should definitely gas up. It's his job to monitor fuel production and supply.

And when supply goes down, we all know what happens next. "We are probably going to see a continuing increase for the next week to two weeks," said Hardin. "So, unfortunately, I think you can expect a continual increase daily."

According to Gas Buddy.com, the average price for a gallon of regular gas in Dallas has risen almost three cents in the past 24 hours to about $2.35 per gallon of regular gas.

While that may not seem like much, Hardin says to expect about a five cent per day rise for at least the next ten days.

"I should have gotten it last night when it was 2.19," motorist Thomas Clark told WFAA, as he drove past a Kroger pump in Richardson that displayed the words, "temporarily out of order."