DALLAS -- Does updating your operating system on your iPhone decrease the performance of your cellphone's battery? That's the question that we set out to answer. This comes after so many of you wrote to us concerned about the latest iOS update.

The phone is just about fully charged -- it's at 90 percent. Now the goal is to use it as much as possible, going on Facebook, streaming video's for the next 45 minutes and we're going to see how much the battery drains before we do the update.

Killing 45 minutes on your phone isn't that big of a deal, but the goal today is trying to drain the battery.

It's been about 45 minutes of nothing but phone use. My battery is down to 53 percent -- the plan now is to update the iOS and try the whole thing again and see if changing the operating system has an impact on battery life.

Here we go again -- 45 more minutes -- this time running 11.02, the newest update for the iPhone. It took about 25 minutes to download and install the new iOS. After that, it was right back to streaming video.

Results are surprising. I actually got better battery life out of the new iOS. In 45 minutes, my battery dropped from 90 percent to 68 percent, compared to 90 percent from 53 percent.

Turns out the update I downloaded was the second update since Apple released iOS 11 in September. It's possible that downloading the newest version may fix bugs you encountered.