Frisco -- It was as if Christmas came early for Cowboys running back Zeke Elliott. Defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence said Elliott was acting as if he were a big kid on Tuesday when he got a chance to be around his teammates again.

"I mean, just very excited, very happy, joyful," Lawrence said. "You could tell he missed us so much."

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Zeke week at The Star continued with the Cowboys big-play running back returning from a six-game suspension. The arrival was Monday, and while he's yet to speak to the media, his teammates expressed just how excited they are to have him back.

"We also missed him a lot," said Lawrence. "Just to have that enthusiasm, all his running around, all his playful[ness] and joy in this locker room."

Receiver Dez Bryant confirming some of the pictures that have been released after Elliott spent part of his suspension training at a resort in Cabo.

"He looks slimmer," said Bryant, before joking, "It makes his head look even bigger. He looks damn good. I know he is going to be ready to play. It was exciting just to see him."

Elliott went through a team run, lifted weights and took part in a walk-through on Tuesday. He'll join the team on the practice field tomorrow as the Cowboys prepare for a must-win game Sunday against Seattle in an attempt to keep their slim playoff hopes alive.

The Cowboys managed to go 3-and-3 without Elliott in the lineup and will welcome back his league-best 97.9 rushing yards per game.

The team averaged 28 points per game with him in the lineup, but just 18 when he was out. Teammates say the production and his presence will make a substantial difference as they try to keep this season alive.

"He looked lean. He looked in good shape, so I'm ready for him to get the ball 80 times," he said with a smirk. "He should have fresh legs, ready to run the ball, ready to attack opposing defenses. We're just happy to have him back, just have our brother back in this locker room."