I’ve been saying mean stuff about Dak Prescott the last couple weeks, so let me start by saying, great job Dak Prescott. I honestly don’t know how to judge his game, really. Any time someone has 300+ yards and 3 TDs, that’s pretty good.

Then again, considerably more than half of that came on big plays by Dez (50 yards and a TD), Rod Smith (81 yards and a TD), and Cole Beasley (54 yards) where the passes went like six yards each. But isn’t finding an open guy in traffic a skill? Probably, right? Probably.

At any rate, it’s nice that in a season the ‘Boys probably won’t make the playoffs, and haven’t played all that well, they can still beat up on division rivals. 30-10 against the Giants after 38-14 against the ‘Skins won’t wash out the taste of 9-37 against the Eagles, but since it does follow another 33-19 win against the Skins, and 19-3 against the Giants, you’d overall say rivalry wise it’s been a satisfying time.

And it was nice to see Dez break a long one. And while it wasn’t nice to see Cole Beasley break a long one – he always looks like a small boy being chased by monsters – it’s cool it happened and nobody died.

Also, who is Rod Smith? What a weird time for a random guy who was barely part of the offense until November, and has typically played fullback, to break off 160 total yards. This is his third year in the league, but the first where he’s gotten even any playing time at all. Was this a meaningful performance?

Probably not, the Giants have one of the worst run defenses in the league, as well as one of the worst passing defenses in the league (okay, they’re really bad) – but who knows? It would be cool to find out.

This week, the Cowboys go and play the Raiders, then the Seahawks, then the Eagles again to close it out. I wouldn’t necessarily bet on them for any of those, but the truth is the first two have been mucking along at roughly the same clip as the Cowboys, and it’s very hard to tell how good the Eagles will be after losing their star QB. Which means, the Boys have an outside shot at 10 wins.

And if that doesn’t tell you how much the fortunes of this team have turned around, nothing well. It’s been ugly at times, and there have been some lopsided losses. The defense has not stood up against good teams, and the offense has looked really anemic a lot of weeks.

But the fact that despite all that, they are very likely to limp at least to what used to be their most common kind of record, that sweet 8-8, tells you that this team has its eyes set higher than in previous years.

A disappointing winning season – as this one may well be – is good news, when you have a young team.

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